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    Our collective visions and voices have the power to transform our city. Battle Creek needs you! Here are a few ways you can get involved:

    Take Action

    Be Informed — Read Frequently Asked Questions about BCVision and learn more about Action Team work.

    Stay Connected — Like the BCVision Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @BCVision.

    Give Time

    Your time and talents are needed. Support your city by joining BCVision’s efforts. Learn about upcoming events and find out how to get involved.

    Make a Donation

    Give directly to contribute to BCVision’s work. Your tax-deductible donation will help further BCVision’s work to enable our community to turn its vision into reality.

    Join us in moving Battle Creek forward.

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    It’s your community, first and foremost. You want to see change? You have the power to enact that change. Battle Creek can do it. I’m not just hopeful, I know we can. Willing people can get other people to turn around and be willing as well. It creates momentum. Getting involved with BCVision is a great place to start… so come and join us!”

    Sylvia Austin
    Battle Creek resident